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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Lagoon Pond Association (LPA) is to protect, preserve and enhance the character of Lagoon Pond and all immediate areas. Our interests  include water quality, the natural beauty and resources such as fishing, shell-fishing, recreation and safety.

The LPA also communicates and cooperates with governmental agencies and other civic and conservation groups that are concerned with the quality of resources and life on Martha’s Vineyard, especially as they pertain to Lagoon Pond.

The Lagoon Pond Association is involved in the community in several ways:

  • Estuaries project (water quality)
  • Joint OB-VH Wastewater management committee (water quality)
  • Road run-off (water quality)
  • Eastville Beach management committe (outreach)
  • Egg addling project (water quality/outreach)
  • Shellfish propagation and research (aquaculture)
  • Drawbridge committee
  • Earth Day beach clean-up (outreach)
  • Regional High School science fair (outreach)
  • Waterways monitoring (boating, moorings, buoys, etc)
  • Conservation Commissions
  • Algae Harvest
  • Family Shellfish Day
  • Piers
  • Wildlife monitoring
  • Ocean Plan
  • MVRHS Wind Turbine